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Fashion is not only about a gown, it's about an identity.

One of the most well-known Lebanese designers, Jean Fares, who hails from the tiny Mediterranean Sea nation of Lebanon, challenges women to dream big as well.

The ultimate aim of Jean Fares is to strike a chord via the use of colors and shapes that convey mystery and elegance. He draws his inspiration solely from the distinguished Middle Eastern spirit blended with European elegance and simplicity.

“Whether warm or sexy, angelic or gorgeous, I want my woman to feel the core essence of her identity”, says Lebanese designer Jean Fares.

The company's distinctive aesthetic combines and communicates with hues, asymmetrical cuts, curving lines, and precious stones embroidered on elegant sequined gowns.

In 1992, Jean Fares established his own fashion house in Beirut, settling as one of the most talented designers in Lebanon, shortly after receiving his diploma from the "Académie Michel-Ange des Beaux Arts" in Lebanon, in 1990.

In 2002, he unveiled his first Haute Couture collection in a fashion show in Beirut.

In 2011, at Paris Fashion Week, the Lebanese designer presented his first Pret-A-Porter Collection at the Vendôme Luxury Tradeshow.

The elegant gowns of the Lebanese designer soar to strike from the East to the world! From Miami, Florida, Washington, DC, Houston, and New York... From Paris through Egypt, Kuwait, in the nation's first-ever open fashion show, KSA, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, and Tunisia, Jean Fares the famous Lebanese designer showcased its high-end collections to unprecedented success!

Talents choose the notorious Lebanese designer Jean Fares to shine on the Red Carpet at events like the International Oscars, Emmy, Golden Globe, Cannes Film Festival, NAACP, ACM, and BET Awards, as well as the top American TV series!

Some of his most iconic pieces were worn by Paris Hilton, Mariah Carey, Paula Abdul, and many more, on red carpets and in photo shoots.

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